Enclosed Subwoofer System with Single 13W7AE-D1.5 Subwoofer Driver, Black Carpet (1500 W, Dual 1.5 Ω) – Sealed Enclosure
For those who seek the ultimate in compact-enclosure sub-bass fidelity, we offer this sealed ProWedge™ system, in which the superb performance capabilities of the W7AE subwoofer driver are harnessed within a compact, sealed enclosure. This system has it all: extension, impact, detail and smooth response… at any listening level.

This enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum sealed enclosure alignment for the 13W7AE-D1.5 and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening.

This subwoofer system is shipped wired, loaded and ready to connect via a five-way binding post terminal.

The angled-back design saves precious cargo space by allowing the enclosure to fit tightly against the back of a vehicle’s rear seat.

Finish: Black, high-grade automotive carpet, with gloss-black laminated decorative front baffle trim. Three solid aluminum bars provide stylish and rugged woofer protection.

Construction: CNC-Cut High-Grade MDF

Recommended amplifier power: 500 – 1500W
Nominal Impedance: Dual 1.5 Ω

External Width (W) 22.5 in / 572 mm
External Height (H) 18.25 in / 464 mm
External Depth (D1) 18.25 in / 464 mm
External Top Surface Depth (D2) 11.50 in / 292 mm
Net Weight 103.2 lb / 46.79 kg


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